Liturgia Paschalna w Prawosławnej Cerkwii, znasz to? zapraszamy do obejrzenia, paznokcie hybrydowe w Lublinie. Trwa m s s.


Liturgia Paschalna w Prawosławnej Cerkwii.


Liczba odsłon 86204, ocena otrzymana 210.


Czas trwania: m s


- Poznaj komentarze, lub zobacz, sam dodawaj i dziel się z innymi.
- Христос Воскресе!- Christ is Risen!- Хрыстос уваскрос!- Христос воскрес!- Christus ist auferstanden!- Le Christ est ressuscité!- ¡Cristo ha resucitado! - Cristo è risorto!- Χριστος Aνεστη!- Христос возкресе!!- Христос Васкрсе!- Hristos voskrese!- Христос воскресна!- Kristus je vstal!- Kristus vstal z mrtvých!- Christos vstal z mŕtvych!- Krishti u ngjall!
- ქრისტე აღსდგა!- Hristos a înviat!- Chrystus Zmartwychwstał!- Krisztus feltámadt!- Kristus on surnuist ülestõusnud!- Kristus prisikėlė!- Kristus Augšāmcēlies!- Kristus nousi kuolleista!- Kristus är uppstånden!- Tá Críost éirithe!- Kristus er opstanden!- Kristus er oppstanden!- Christus is opgestaan!- Cristo ressuscitou!- Al-Masih-Qam! المسيح قام- ハリストス復活!- Kristo Gesso!
- kościół prawosławny to ch*j ! Jeszcze raz powtarzał jeden jest prawdziwy kośćiół Powszechny i Apostolski = Rzymskokatolicki . Kościół rzymski to dokończenie nauk Jezusa
- Stunning, absolutely stunning. What makes it so stunning and beautiful is the fact that it is a service to our Lord and God Jesus Christ. The song and tones are ancient and magnificent....worthy of a God.
- presvataja liturgia krasava i spasenija duš naśech
- What is with this chant style... I find it very odd, we Romanian Orthodox chant in a byzantine fashion.... this is too similar to Catholics... 
- I wish the apostolic churches would reunite already!
- hermosísima liturgia palabra de verdad
- Ex oriente lux. Roma corrupta, peccatrix and meretrix. Primus Pater impostor
- Msza trydencka jest heretycka, pogańska? Każdy kto tak twierdzi ma wielki grzech. 
- Macio Maciejka nie Grekokatolicy tylko jak coś do Greckokatolicy.
- fajna muzyka na początek!!! Wiecie jaka to pieśń ???
- I am a Catholic and I firmly believe that the Orthodox Church members are our brothers. I too would love to see unity between us.
- Well, liars will find a plausible way to package their lies no matter what happens. If the Vat. II Council had not happened they'd have found some other pretext to justify their rebellion against orthodoxy. We have to stop this nonsense of blaming Vat. II for all the ills of the Church. Vat. II was faithful to the authentic Tradition of the Church & it said nothing about any "spirit of Vat. II." The Vat. II fathers sought to re-root ourselves in the Fathers of the Church.
- Of course, I only said that Modernism took control and visible form of the Vatican in the tragedy of Vatican-II, but existed before it.
- You do realize that Pius X was dead b/4 Vat. II?
- There is no "Pentarchy." The Bible says nothing of a "Pentarchy." The Bible only talks of the Apostles & every bishop is a successor to the Apostles. St. Peter is clearly made the leader of the Apostles, as God always throughout salvation history named a recognized & blessed leader of His covenant people, the line of Seth from Adam, the line of Shem from Noah, the line of Abraham & Isaac & Jacob, the line of David, now the line of St. Peter through the popes. Your sectarianism is alien to grace.
- Nada mas que el Papa admita que no es lider de la Iglesia y que no es infalible.
- Se a pessoa que fala o tempo todo estivesse calada era muito melhor! Dá a impressão que é profanação intencional da Divina Liturgia!
- dziwne prawda i rosyjskie i angielskie a brak polskliego
- Orthodox Church is the authentic christianism. Rome claimed universl authority many centuries after the Pentarchy considered the five Patriarchs including the Roman one with the same authority. So the Eastern Christians decided to reject the Pope's ambition to rule the Universal Church and the split was unavoidable.